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Researchers baffled by World War I soldier’s shorthand diaries

Two diaries, written in shorthand almost a century ago and donated by a local Old Comrades Association, have led researchers at York Castle Museum to make a public appeal for translators to help in understanding them. Corporal William Reader, of … Continue reading

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Life behind the lines in World War I

Norman Gladden, of the 11th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers, recalls the ordinary soldiers’ experience in an area behind the British lines near Ypres in 1917. ‘One day we marched to the Brigade Baths which had been set up in a small … Continue reading

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Remembering Charles Chilton: writer of Oh What a Lovely War!

Charles Chilton, who died on 2 January at the age of 95, was a writer and producer who was responsible for several well-known classic BBC series such as Lost in Space and Riders of the Range. He also wrote the … Continue reading

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Archive lists Irish casualties of World War I

An archive that lists the 49,000 soldiers from the island of Ireland who died during World War I or as a result of wounds sustained during battle has been made available to the public. The archive, entitled Ireland’s Memorial Records, … Continue reading

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More controversy shrouds the UK’s commemoration of World War I as government ministers are accused of playing down the role of Australian and New Zealand soldiers in favour of the contribution from ‘New Commonwealth’ nations. The Daily Telegraph reports that … Continue reading

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An Albanian volunteer in January 1916

Debate about how the UK should commemorate World War I has been hotting up in the UK in recent days. On one side are those who suggest it was a ‘just’ war with Britain occupying the moral high ground. On … Continue reading

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Project to trace missing soldiers of World War I

London’s National Army Museum has launched a campaign to identify forgotten casualties of World War I. The Daily Telegraph reports the museum has established a dedicated unit to investigate cases where the deaths of soldiers, sailors and airmen from the … Continue reading

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