Lincolnshire couple unearth World War I medal in garden


A couple who discovered a World War I medal in their garden are hoping to trace the descendants of Royal Navy sailor to whom it belonged, reports the BBC.

Katie and Paul Roberts from Saxilby in Lincolnshire, found the 1914-15 Star as they dug a new flowerbed.

With the help of a local history group they have discovered the medal belongs to a Sheffield man called Ernest Clarkson.

Mrs Roberts said: ‘It is very interesting and very historic. I’m pleased we found it and hopefully someone will come forward to claim it.’

The couple discovered Clarkson was born in Sheffield in 1890. He joined the armed forces in 1906 and served on HMS Bellerophon.

He married a woman called Edith Tuxford with whom he had five children – Eric, Ethel, Alfred, Doria and Mabel.

The Roberts believe the medal came to be in Saxilby via the Saxilby Canal, a popular venue for Sheffield residents who would come here to fish.

Dr Jane Chapman, professor of communications at the University of Lincoln, told the BBC: ‘He served on a dreadnought in the Navy. They are hugely interesting because the rivalry for building such ships was one of the factors that caused tension between Germany and Britain and led to World War I. He was also at the Battle of Jutland in 1916.’

To read the original BBC story, click here.

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