National Museum Cardiff announces World War I exhibition


A collection of World War I-era prints will be exhibited at the National Museum Cardiff as part of commemorations of the Centenary.

The artworks were commissioned by the Ministry of Information (MOI) in 1917 to help prevent support for the conflict flagging.

The exhibition, entitled The Great War: Britain’s Efforts and Ideals, will open on 2 August, 2014.

Professor Sir Deian Hopkin, president of the National Library of Wales and adviser to the first minister on World War I, told BBC Radio Wales: ‘The Centenary of World War I is one of the most important commemorations of our time because so many changes were wrought in Britain and in Europe in those four years of conflict and the consequences need to be properly understood.

‘The eye-witness memory is fading rapidly, but The Imperial War Museum‘s First World War Centenary Partnership can, through identifying a rich variety of historical sources; ensure that the experience of war, military, civilian, political, economic and social, can be related to a new audience through digitisation and other means.

‘The National Library of Wales’ own extensive work in this field will be greatly enriched by the collaboration with other members of the partnership.

‘This is only part of a much wider range of activities, involving restoration of war memorials, schools being given money – in Wales in particular to research what happened in their own community.’

He added that the National Library of Wales was running a digital programme to make the material available online for free.

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