Memorial Museum Passendaele 1917 announces 2014 plans


The Memorial Museum Passendaele 1917 opened in July 2013.

It focuses in particular of the 1917 Battle of Passendaele and is situated in the village of Zonnebeke.

On display are a wide variety of uniforms, weaponry, memorabilia, artworks and battlefield relics. Other focuses include the contributions of the many Commonwealth nations whose troops served here.

In addition, three walking trails are due to be constructed for the Centenary, including one leading to Tyne Cot cemetery and another towards Polygon Wood. The plan is to develop multimedia applications for smart phones that can be used to make these walks more informative.


The museum garden is also due to be developed further for the Centenary, together with reconstructions of several types of German and British trenches. The existing underground dug-out will also be extended to include five more rooms.

A further plan involves the building of a post war house to demonstrate the return to some sort of normality in 1919 and 1920.

Next to the museum, the Passendaele Memorial Park will shortly be constructed, devoted to the remembrance of the Great War. Individual gardens will represent the various nations who fought during the battle.


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