Lost Diggers of Vignacourt at Australian National War Memorial


Remember Me; the Lost Diggers of Vignacourt is one of the exhibitions currently on show at the Australian National War Memorial.

Vignacourt was a small French village in a rear area of the Allied forces that served as a staging point, casualty clearing station and recreation area for troops of all nationalities on their way to and from the battlefields of the Somme.

Remember Me; the Lost Diggers of Vignacourt focuses on how one entrepreneurial local photographer made a business out of taking portrait photographs of passing soldiers.

Captured on glass, printed into postcards and posted home, the photographs made by the Thuillier family still endure and this show concentrates mostly on how they depict the Australian involvement on the Western Front, from military life to the friendships and bonds formed between soldiers and civilians.

To see the more than 800 of these glass-plate negatives featuring Australian troops that can be viewed on the Australian National War Memorial website, click here



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