Research tells tale of First World War Leicestershire soldiers


The stories of fifteen Leicestershire soldiers have been unveiled on the website of the church where they once worshipped.

Historical researcher Nigel Atter spent many hours finding out about the experience and fate of the men whose names appear on the war memorial at Oadby Baptist Church.

They provide an interesting example of how the First World War affected communities in England.

The majority of the men who lost their lives served in the local infantry regiment (the Leicestershire Regiment), with some being members of the regular army or reservists and others men who joined up after August 1914.

A few of those killed in 1918 were members of infantry regiments based in other parts of the country – a sign of how the county focus of the army was diluted in the latter stages of the war as the effect of heavy casualties hit home.

To find out more about the Oadby memorial, click here.

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