The Lincolnshire regiment at Leighton Buzzard


Major John Storer (on horseback) observes the 8th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, marching through Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. Formed in September 1914, the battalion trained in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire in the winter of 1914-1915, when this photograph was taken.

The Battalion landed at Boulogne on 10 September 1915.

Major Storer was killed a few weeks later, on 25 September, at the Battle of Loos. His name can be found on the Loos Memorial to the Missing. The inexperienced battalion lost 22 out of its 24 officers at Loos, while 471 other ranks were reported as killed, wounded or missing. Commanding officer lieutenant colonel Harold Walter was among the casualties.

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6 Responses to The Lincolnshire regiment at Leighton Buzzard

  1. Ron Wanklin says:

    My Grandfather Robert Luke Jordan Pte 13323 also served with the 8th Lincolnshire and was captured during the Battle of Loos. He survived the war and thankfully returned home to marry my Grandmother. He past away in 1964 aged 68. RIP

  2. christine clements says:

    My great uncle Albert Rowland 11974 was killed on 26/09/1915 at the battle of Loos. He was just 18 years old. RIP

  3. elise says:

    Does anyone know who owns this picture, and if there any more of the Regiment in Leighton Buzzard as researching for a book and would like to use pictures in it.

  4. Louise Campbell-Laing says:

    My Grandfather John ‘Jack’ Wainwright Sumner (17937) served with the 8th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment until 19 December 1919 when he was discharged due to his injuries. He survived the war but suffered from terrible shell shock, He died in 1956.

    • Editor says:

      Sorry to hear that story. There must have been so many WW1 veterans with what would now be termed PTSD, but who just had to get on with life as best they could.

      • Louise Campbell-Laing says:

        Agreed. I live in the USA and there is still inadequate healthcare provided for the veterans.

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