Welsh WW1 monument unveiled at Langemark


A memorial to commemorate Welsh soldiers who were killed in the First World War will be unveiled at Langemark, Belgium, on 16 August.

It will comprise a Welsh dragon atop a slate cromlech and is near the spot where Welsh poet Hedd Wyn was mortally wounded at the Battle of Passchendaele.

Veterans remembered

First minister of Wales Carwyn Jones said: ‘There are many people, myself included, who remember the First World War veterans.

‘When I was a young child in the 1970s, there were still lots of them around. Some of them physically scarred, some of them, of course, mentally scarred. Many of them couldn’t talk about their experiences. And I remember them.

‘But it’s right to say that those people have gone. But that’s why it’s even more important, in some ways, to try to understand what happened and commemorate – not celebrate – what happened.’




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