WW1 exhibition at University of Leicester

Leicestershire Regiment troops at the Battle of Cambrai, 1917

The University of Leicester is showcasing a selection of items from its First World War collection as part of its commemorations of the Anniversary of the First World War.

University archivist Caroline Sampson said: ‘This exhibition draws on material from our special collections to commemorate the enduring legacy of the war to Leicester and to showcase contemporary artistic and photographic imagery of the world at war.

Wartime insight

‘The exhibition in the David Wilson library is an attempt to give people an insight into a worldwide event seen through a Leicester and Leicester university perspective.’

‘The exhibition will feature a number of iconic and thought-provoking images both of battles scenes and representations of the impact of war beyond the front line.

‘Of particular note is the monthly German publication, Kriegszeit, which showcases images in the expressionist tradition which provoke an emotional response to different aspects of wartime Europe.’

The exhibition runs until 27 April, www.le.ac.uk

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