Missing soldier’s name added to Hampshire memorial


Corporal Reginald Robbins RE

The name of a Royal Engineer, who died in the years following the First World War, has finally been inscribed on the war memorial at Andover in Hampshire, 95 years after it was erected.

Corporal Reginald Robbins’ name was recorded on a roll of honour that was read out at the original unveiling ceremony for Andover’s war memorial in 1920.

Somehow, however, his name was never actually added to the monument – possibly because he was deemed to have died of natural causes unrelated to the war.

Corporal Robbins was born in Sussex, but moved to Andover as a teenager.

He joined the Royal Engineers in 1917 and was posted to France and Egypt, surviving hostilities but dying of Spanish flu in 1920 at the age of 25.

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