Interactive map tells story of Battle of Jutland

HMS NZ.jpg

Sailors of HMS New Zealand following the Battle of Jutland

The National Museum of the Royal Navy has launched an interactive map to create a record of the people involved in the Battle of Jutland of 1916.

The project is a forerunner of the museum’s new exhibition 36 Hours: Jutland 1916, The Battle that Won the War which opens on 12 May at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The map highlights the impact of the Battle of Jutland across the UK and also considers its human cost.

Following responses from descendants of Admirals Beatty and Jellicoe, among others, the museum hopes members of the public will share stories of those connected with the battle.

The Battle of Jutland was fought over 36 hours from 31 May to 1 June 1916. Some 6,094 British and 2,551 German sailors lost their lives during its course.

To view the interactive map, click here.

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