Jutland casualty found in North Atlantic


A Danish expedition team has located the wreckage of British warship HMS Warrior, a casualty of the Battle of Jutland.

The cruiser was badly damaged during the 1916 battle and 71 of its crew were killed. The remaining 743 men were transferred to HMS Engadine, which then tried to tow HMS Warrior back to England. The attempt was abandoned as the weather worsened and the Warrior was allowed to drift and sink.

Wreck discovered

The team was led by Sea War Museum Jutland founder Gert Normann Andersen, who said. ‘The first task of the expedition was to analyze the route it was towed and the official positions of where it sank.

‘In total, 30 wrecks were found and investigated along the route and Warrior turned up as number 27. It was located 19-27 sea miles from official positions. Multibeam measurements were taken of the wreckage and video recordings were made using a ROV – a remotely operated underwater vehicle.’

The wreckage lies 83 metres below the surface, with the ship’s keel facing towards the surface. Compared to other wrecks from the battle, HMS Warrior is in deeper water and in reasonable condition, its interior entombed within its armoured hull.

To watch ROV footage of the wreck, click here.


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