Christmas Eve 1914


‘On our side they sang Christmas songs in full harmony, then afterwards some national songs. If someone offered a solo, the other side applauded.

‘The French kept as quiet as mice as they listened to the Christmas hymns which no doubt you were singing at home at the same time.’

Private Gotthold von Rohden, 205th Reserve Infantry Regiment.


‘The Saxons… sang one of their national airs to the tune of God Save the King. We replied with the Austrian hymn, at which the applause was terrific. 

‘The music then quietened down and some time was spent yelling facetious remarks across the tenches. 

‘After this some daredevils in E Coy actually went out, met and shook hands with some of the Germans and exchanged cake and biscuits.’

Rifleman PH Jones, Queen’s Westminster Rifles

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