Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades’ memorial project


The Machine Gun Corps (MGC) Old Comrades’ Association is attempting to photograph all MGC graves and names on memorials.

It is hoping to commemorate every MGC soldier who lost their life during World War I. The MGC Old Comrades’ Association can provide a list of graves and memorials it needs photographed.

The MGC only existed for only eight years, but its Old Comrades’ Association still thrives many years after the unit ceased to exist and long after its last surviving member passed away.

The regiment was a dangerous place in which to serve. It was badly mauled during the spring offensive of 1918 as its members attempted to cover the retreat of other British troops and generally machine gunners were favoured targets of snipers. The MGC had the nickname of ‘The Suicide Club’ for good reason.

Anybody with an interest in the MGC and World War I history can join the Association. Annual membership is £13 and available via the website, which can be visited here.

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1 Response to Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades’ memorial project

  1. Nick Beard says:

    I have discovered my Grandfather served in the Machine Gun regiment. I was watching Time Team on TV the day that was at a sight in LIncolnshire of the training ground for the troops who were in the regiment.I believe Belton Army Camp.
    My Grandfather was a machine gunner.His name John William Unsworth .I also discovered his burial place .He died very young aged 26 from I understand the effects of being gassed.
    He is buried at Plumstead Cemetery grave number1N 255.3rd class.He died on the .5th May 1920
    I would like to find out more about him but it seems no more information or photos exist
    My Grandmother never spoke about him it is only just recently I discovered his death certificate in my fathers documents.
    I will be in the UK Sept this year and I would like to visit his grave hopefully it will still be there.
    I live in Adelaide Australia but was born in the UK


    Nick Beard

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