British artillerymen at Gallipoli, 1915


Two 60-pounder (5-inch) guns of 90th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) prepare for action at Cape Helles, Gallipoli.

The gun in the foreground features rudimentary camouflage on its barrel and identification numbers on its carriage.

The battery would later be posted to Egypt before being sent to the Western Front.

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2 Responses to British artillerymen at Gallipoli, 1915

  1. Rob Langham says:

    Great photo, there’s a number of 90 Heavy Battery in this position, I’m yet to clarify exactly where it was so I can stand on the spot (I probably have done unwittingly, I’ve got a good idea of where it is at Helles). As with all artillery units, 90 HB suffered extreme lack of ammunition throughout the campaign. The 60 pounders also suffered from broken springs for the recuperators (the two large cylinders above the barrel) which, with lack of spare parts or replacement guns (again suffered by all artillery units at Gallipoli) could and did take guns out of action even without attention from the enemy

  2. Henry Blythe says:

    Hello, well. I think the bloke looking out at the camera might be my Grandfather! Sadly the dates you quote are not quite right for it to be him, but he told us stories of being at Gallipoli and he was in the GFA. ( #80434). Most importantly it looks just like him, I’m not sure how to post a photo of him here but I did today add one on the IWM site for remembered lives. That photo and the one above were around a year apart. I’m going to do some more investigation and will report back if I learn more.

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